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The Startup Ecosystem Curriculum aims to make available practical knowledge and open up space for tech community builders to engage
One key success factor for accelerators is their ability to aggregate the best entrepreneurial talent and ideas from a larger
LEVEL-UP YOUR STARTUP ECOSYSTEM JOIN THE WORLD'S 1st STARTUP ECOSYSTEM ACCELERATOR https://youtu.be/V8DtH_tVZ4g “We learned that we're not alone in this
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The first edition of the Startup City Accelerator brought together 15 ecosystem builders from all over Europe and even Korea
There is abundant research on startups, so it is difficult to keep an overview. We provide you with monthly roundups
After 25 years of existence, political and cultural fragmentations have prevented Europe from successfully achieving it’s ambitions for forming a
Startup Heatmap Team in Madrid, 2017
European Startup Initiative is searching for a Freelance Project Manager (m/f) The European Startup Initiative is an entrepreneur led non-profit
What factors do founders consider when choosing to locate their companies? In the 2018 Startup Heatmap Europe Survey 28% of