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COVID-19 is a game-changer for the Cultural & Creative Industries. Our Strategy White Paper provides data and expert recommendations to
DEEP Ecosystems is a global community of startup ecosystem builders, dedicated to supporting grass-root innovation projects and fostering interconnectivity among
High-growth startups and internationalization go hand-in-hand. Our White Paper provides data-driven expert recommendations on Scaling Startups Globally.
Although a lot of progress has been made in female entrepreneurship in recent years, a lot remains to be done.
DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator participant, Pakistan-based Innovators Garage has raised $150,000 angel investment from private investor Zauq Group to foster
We launched the new generation of the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator. 12 ecosystem projects from 11 countries in Africa, Asia,
Measure your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem's Health with this easy-to-use tool developed by Startup Heatmap Europe, Swisscontact and Credit Suisse.
DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference Main Stage
The first all-online DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference took place on 15 April 2021. Find out about highlights and key outcomes
The Startup Heatmap Europe curates the Top 50 most attractive startup cities for founders in Europe. Next to the survey
Our alumni are spread all across the globe making impacts on their startup ecosystems. To acknowledge all of our wonderful