How to Support Startups To Go Global

High-growth startups and internationalization go hand-in-hand.
Our White Paper provides data-driven expert recommendations on Scaling Startups Globally.

It’s an Uphill Battle for Female Founders in Europe

Although a lot of progress has been made in female entrepreneurship in recent years, a lot remains to be done. Our White Paper on female entrepreneurship provides some insight on the discrepancies between female and male founders and what can be done to support female entrepreneurship.

Measure Your Ecosystem’s Health

Measure your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem’s Health with this easy-to-use tool developed by Startup Heatmap Europe, Swisscontact and Credit Suisse.

Release Startup Heatmap Europe 2021

The Startup Heatmap Europe curates the Top 50 most attractive startup cities for founders in Europe. Next to the survey of more than 1,200 founder opinions the research spans investments, job creation, meetup activities, trend analysis, diversity and a ranking of the performance of accelerators.

Report on Tech Skills and European Startups

New Report | CTOs & Tech Co-Founders: European Startups and the Competition over Tech Talent | Get insights about tech skills and key challenges for startups.

Report on Women Entrepreneurs in Europe

New research by the Startup Heatmap reveals that only 15.5% of entrepreneurs in Europe are female. The organization analyzed >20,000 founder profiles and also tracked funding.

Release Startup Heatmap Europe 2019

The Startup Heatmap Europe launches the most comprehensive study on the development of startup ecosystems and founder mobility in Europe to date. The analysis spans >100 startup cities in Europe, dozens of data points on ecosystem dynamics, like meetups and accelerators as well as a survey of >1,500 founders.

European Startups’ US relations

In 2018 we partnered up with Balderton Capital to examine how European founders compare their home ecosystem with the US Tech scene. The results were more than surprising given the fact that for decades we have been looking towards the US as the mecca for everything startup. For the first time, we see Europe’s Startup

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Release Startup Heatmap Europe 2018

The Rise of the Interconnected Startup The global market is not a static pie, not a zero-sum game. Specifically because the pie is dynamic and ever-changing, in order to properly analyse it you need to be as well. This is what the Startup Heatmap Europe is all about. We are leaving the fragmented nationalistic viewpoint

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Thank you for Startup Heatmap Europe 2017!

After a successful launch in Madrid last week, Startup Heatmap Europe 2017, the benchmark report on the mobility of startup founders in Europe and their perceptions of the best tech hubs to start up, is now available for download. Since 2016, more than 1000 European founders from over 30 EU countries have shared their favourite

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