Measure Your Ecosystem’s Health

Measure Your Ecosystem’s Health

Swisscontact and Startup Heatmap Europe have joined forces to develop a free and self-serving toolkit that empowers startup hubs all around the world to measure the health of their ecosystems. The toolkit supports managers of startup programs, university incubators, research transfer organizations, ecosystem builders and policy makers to track the progress of their ecosystem build up.

The Ecosystem Health Toolkit is a self-assessment tool that includes an online KPI dashboard to be filled by local ecosystem professionals as well as an extensive user guide including two cases where the tool has been put into action (Cologne Germany and Guatemala City). We also provide a theoretical framework, that provides the reasoning and logic our tool is based on.

With the toolkit, ecosystem builders will be able to implement strategic alignment and policy development as well as mobilize investments towards sectors of the ecosystem that ought to be developed.

How to use the Ecosystem Health Check

  • To start your own ecosystem KPI dashboard, you can access the toolkit here. The toolkit is based on a free-to-access Google Sheet. Once copied into your own account, you can start entering your data.
  • It is recommended to review this practical guide with two case studies where the toolkit was applied.
  • The theoretical background on entrepreneurial ecosystems and the methodology is explained in this framework document.
  • The Ecosystem Health Check is also published on the website of Swisscontact here.


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