How to Support Startups To Go Global

High-growth startups and internationalization go hand-in-hand.
Our White Paper provides data-driven expert recommendations on Scaling Startups Globally.

DEEPSEA Seeks to Empower Grassroots Communities

One of the DEEPSEA most distinctive approaches is to support the emergence and strengthening of organizations at the community level that are committed to support their ecosystems. With aim to support leaders from grassroots communities, we are inviting change agents who have a passion for implementing changes in their community to attend DEEP Ecosystem Conference for FREE.

We Work From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a rise of remote work in the European startup ecosystem. We rank the cities with the highest demand of remote jobs.

Despite Brexit: Europe’s startup hubs are failing to connect

After 25 years of existence, political and cultural fragmentations have prevented Europe from successfully achieving it’s ambitions for forming a single market. Despite this challenge, entrepreneurs have risen to the occasion to grow global companies. In recent articles, we have shown that Europe’s most popular startup hubs Berlin and London are truly transnational with over

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The Rise of the Interconnected Startup

When UIPath hit the news in March 2018 with a $1bn valuation it was quickly dubbed Romania’s first unicorn – Even though, the company was by then already headquartered in New York. In Portugal, Farfetch is praised as a Portuguese unicorn – however, a short check on your investment database of choice tells you it

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