Startup Ecosystem Curriculum Winter 2019/20

Startup Ecosystem Curriculum Winter 2019/20

The development of start-up ecosystems and the rapid transformation of digital technologies is beyond the scope of classical management models and poses a new challenge to people with a mandate to contribute to building of such ecosystems.

The Startup Ecosystem Curriculum aims to make available practical knowledge and open up space for professionals to engage into peer learning.

The curriculum offers courses along 3 stages:

  • Stage I: Startup Ecosystem Accelerator & Community
  • Stage II: Topical Courses & Startup Data Lab
  • Stage III: Master Class & Strategic Planning
“We learned that we're not alone in this and could help each other a lot on this crazy journey.”
Liisi Org
Startup Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia



Venture Capital 101 for Ecosystem Builders

A course specifically designed for ecosystem builders to provide a deep understanding of the investment cycle…

Startup Ecosystem Data Lab​

Exchange with other ecosystem builders on how to measure ecosystems and get a full intro to data analytics in the field…

“The feeling was: 'Wow, there are people with the same kind of challenges and we can exchange our experiences. This workshop helps ecosystems a lot.”
Kim Gerlach
Drivhuset, Malmoe, Sweden
Startup Ecosystem Data Lab

Offline Seminar
Duration: 2 days, with preparation call 2 weeks before

Price: 1,200 € excl. VAT
Dates: 12th & 13th December

Ecosystem builders don’t need to be statistic professors to generate data and build strategies on their insights. This course led by a data pro helps ecosystem builders to measure the progress of their startup communities. We discuss various available sources for tracking startups and ecosystem activities and explore simple tools to do quick&dirty data collection ourselves. A particular focus is put on exchanging experiences among participants, so we learn from each other and don’t repeat mistakes.


  • Individual assessment of ecosystem and development of tailored metrics
    • Mapping of ecosystem & identification of tracking target
    • Deep dive metrics design
  • Data Management
    • Identification of accessible sources
    • Creating dashboards & monitors in Excel & Google Sheets
    • Basic data collection automation
  • Interpreting Data
    • The power of descriptive statistics
    • Benchmarking against time and references

Our Coach

Matthew Eisner has nearly 10 years of experience growing businesses in a variety of capacities. Matthew Eisner is a Vice President of Marketing & Growth at Ansible Advisory with specialities in leveraging data and technology to drive rapid growth. His past clients include Startupbootcamp, Touch Surgery, Hackster.io, Incident gTar, Car and Driver Magazine, Noisebridge, Asa, among many others.

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Venture Capital 101 for Ecosystem Builders

Offline Seminar
Duration: 2 days, with online preparation material

Price: 750 € excl. VAT
Dates: 12th & 13th December

A course specifically designed for ecosystem builders, who are neither investors, brokers or recipients of investments themselves, but are rather working with a variety of stakeholders to increase the efficacy of the investment process. The course aims to provide a deepened understanding of the investment cycle from the setting up and building of a fund to the execution of investments into startups.

  • Types, stages and logic of Venture Capital
  • The investment cycle and how a VC sees it
    • Raising capital for a new fund from LPs
    • Governance of a fund and the role of the fund manager
  • Dealflow generation and investment selection process
  • The termsheet and its most important clauses
  • Equity and dilution
  • Types and characteristics of exit events
  • Reading and understanding data on Venture Capital

Our Coach

Max Schulze is an active business angel in >10 startups as well as an advisor to companies like Telefonica Wayra, Vattenfall and advisory board member in currently 3 companies.

Pre-Register for 2020 courses

Internationalization: How to go global

Learn from case studies and study business concepts to support the internationalization of startups…​

Ecosystem Builder Business Acumen

Learn the vocabulary and business acumen to meet ambitious CEOs on eye-level and understand their position…

Internationalization: How to help companies expand

Offline Seminar
Duration: 2 day, with online preparation material

Dates: February / March 2020

We observe an increasing demand for internationalization support by high-tech startups and frantic activities by ecosystem builders to build bridges in other economic centers. However, often support services and the needs of startup companies are mis-aligned. This course offers practitioners insights as well as state-of-the-art business knowledge to support everyone, who working on the internationalization of startups.

  • Readiness analysis of internationalization
    • Internal & External Requirements
    • Capital requirements and cost-benefit analysis
  • Internationalization Strategies
    • Target market analysis
      • Market size estimation & customer tests
      • Competitor research & positioning
      • Legal requirements & entries of barrier
    • Strategies
      • Replicating the supply chain
      • “Travelling Salesmen” vs. subsidiaries
      • Local partnerships and resellers
      • Acquisitions
    • Real-world examples
  • Designing and efficient support offering for internationalizing startups
    • Mapping the Internationalization Journey
    • Identifying breakpoints and support angles
    • Defining appropriate agents of support & individual role in the process
Ecosystem Builder Business Acumen

Offline Seminar
Duration: 2 days, with preparation material

Dates: February / March 2020

Ecosystem Builders are not CEOs, but they sometimes need to think like one to understand where startups are going and how to support them. This course not only gives ecosystem builders the vocabulary and business acumen to meet ambitious CEOs on eye-level, but lets them gain a deep understanding of the commercial demands a startup is facing.

  • Basics of Financial Analysis
    • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow and Investments
  • Market analysis
    • Top down vs. Bottom up market research
    • Strategy: Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean
    • Practical Use Cases
  • Business Modelling
    • The Business Model Canvas
    • Market Hypothesis Testing
  • Business Simulation
    • Participants simulate a real-world business case and make management decisions that impact their success or loss.
“I feel overwhelmed and grateful. Feeling part of this international community of ecosystem builders is a great experience”
Maria Anagnostopoulos
envolve, Athens, Greece

Startup Ecosystem Accelerator

Batch III, October 2019

The Startup Ecosystem Accelerator is a basic program focusing on skill development and creating a sense of community among ecosystem builders, who are empowered to learn from each other and share experiences.

The program consists of three parts:

  1. 3-week Online Course
  2. Live Expert Sessions
  3. 2-day in-person Workshop

Join Our Ecoystem Builders Tribe


The deepest connections we build with those with whom we learn. Stay in touch with your course mates and build new connections to participants of other batches.

Together we are the Ecosystem Builders Tribe, striving for professional excellence and a more connected startup world.

On 20th November 2019, one day before the Slush conference, which draws >40,000 tech enthusiasts to Helsinki, we are gathering our tribe to celebrate the European startup community and get ready for a massive tech fest.

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