How To Become Europe’s Innovation Capital

DEEP supports cities and regions to build cutting-edge innovation ecosystems. In 2022, we partnered with the City of Mainz (Germany) and supported the mayor-endorsed application to become recognized as Europe’s most innovative city. As a result, Mainz reached the formidable second place as European Rising Innovative city. DEEP Ecosystems works with cities and their representatives

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Driving Mediterranean AgriFood Innovation: DEEP Ecosystems’ and Johan Jörgensen’s Success Story

Matera, Italy In 2022, the city of Stockholm embarked on an ambitious endeavour to position itself as a centre for impact innovation in Europe. For this purpose, the city of Stockholm commissioned DEEP Ecosystems to join the initiative. Collaborating closely with Jenny Berthling and the team from Invest Stockholm, the objective was to devise a

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Collaborate on Climate Innovation: The EIT Climate-KIC ClimAccelerator

In the face of escalating climate challenges, the role of innovation and entrepreneurship has never been more critical. As we navigate towards a net-zero, resilient future, the power of human ingenuity becomes a beacon of hope. Collaborate with Climate-KIC on ClimAccelerator, a groundbreaking global program designed to transform cleantech start-ups into successful, impactful businesses. With a decade of

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Launch of the Startup Heatmap Europe Report 2023

DEEP’s annual flagship report on founder mobility and Europe’s most desired startup locations. Since 2016 the Startup Heatmap Europe report is a trusted source for startups, investors and policy-makers on how founders view the interconnections between startup hubs on the continent.

Empowering Social Entrepreneurs in Romania and Beyond

This community spotlight celebrates the achievements of our DEEP Ecosystem Community member, Raluca Preluca, Co-Founder and Community Manager of Consolid8.

Tech Saves the World: Instruments to Tackle Societal Problems

Accelerators, fab labs and hackathons – tech tools are increasingly being used by public and aid institutions to develop innovative solutions for social good. However, to create sustainable innovation for development, we need to move beyond hackathons. Explore the existing approaches towards solution of societal problems and their efficiency for creation of scalable innovation that strives toward the sustainable future.

Manufacturers in Europe and Metaverse

Already today, large segments of the population rely on digital connections for work, education, health care, daily commercial and social transactions. Industry experts expect these technologies to quickly expand beyond the gaming industry and deeply affect consumer behavior as well as the way we interact, work, learn, and live. How Europe’s industry can get ready for this new revolution?

World in Crisis: Where Will Venture Capital Go

Geopolitical tensions, the war in Ukraine, inflation, pandemic, and supply chain disruptions are starting to affect the markets. The pandemic led to a large surge of investments in health tech; the chip shortage revives large scale plant developments like Intel’s 1bn EUR investment in Germany and the Ukraine crisis accelerates interest in cybersecurity. Explore how geopolitical tensions and market uncertainties affect venture capital and review challenges for ecosystems to adapt and grasp emerging opportunities.

Emerging CEE Startup Ecosystems

Eastern European countries are overtaking the “old” European economies in the West in terms of innovativeness and digitalization. VC investments cumulatively reached over 4bn EUR in 2021 in CEE states with Estonia leading the whole Europe in terms of VC investments per capita. Yet, we still see that corporate innovation scouts and investors from Western Europe are shying away to fully include CEE into their scouting routine. Explore the opportunities and challenges to the full integration of CEE into Europe’s startup market.

DEEP Alumnus brings Startup World Cup to Pakistan

Innovators Garage co-organized the nationwide startup competition Startup World Cup, whose winners get a chance to win $1M in Silicon Valley.