We are working across the cultural and geographical distances between the Nordics and Asia

We are working across the cultural and geographical distances between the Nordics and Asia

Our alumni are spread all across the globe making impacts on their startup ecosystems. To acknowledge all of our wonderful alumni and the accomplishments in their career, we spotlight and host them here. Flip through our incredible alumni and learn more about how DEEPSEA has impacted their career journeys.

Nicklas Pavoncelli and his accomplishments at work

Meet our alumnus, Nicklas Pavoncelli, Global Partnership Manager at TechBBQ, who shares his accomplishments at work.

TechBBQ has worked, since its inception, to strengthen our tech ecosystem and build bridges to others both near and far. We have done so mainly through our yearly TechBBQ Summit, where we strive to connect, showcase and introduce stakeholders to our ecosystem. In pursuit of this vision, TechBBQ launched Innovation Lab Asia together with Asia House, which works across the cultural and geographical distances (as well as the newer restrictions on travel and physical gatherings) between the Nordics and Asia.

Recently, my title was upgraded from ‘International’ to ‘Global’ Partnership Manager in order to reflect our willingness to work, connect and reach out to anybody, whoever or wherever they are. Learning to relate to and connect with tech ecosystems is an ever-changing experience. The knowledge I have gained from these experiences, in tandem with what I learned at the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator Program (DEEPSEA) have proven to be extremely valuable in our own development as well.  In these hard times, defined by lockdowns and limitations to that lifestyle we took for granted, we increasingly welcomed the activities that have precisely this goal in mind. We are increasing our efforts and number of projects aiming towards being proactive in our international outreach, because it is by introducing ourselves to others that we learn more about ourselves, Denmark as a whole, and the greater Nordic and Baltic regions.

It is not an easy period to keep the fires of passion and optimism alive, and surely there are plenty of reasons to give up, but there are more reasons to keep going. As once Seneca stoically foretold: ‘it is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness’.”

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