Entrepreneurs – The Secret Recipe to Grow Ecosystems

Entrepreneurs – The Secret Recipe to Grow Ecosystems

The DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator is looking for entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders to solve the biggest challenges of the world.

Startup founders in Europe are struggling to raise capital to make their dreams bigger. This is because only three European cities attract more than 50% of all venture capital (VC) funding, which pushes innovation and entrepreneurs away from Europe´s ecosystem. 

In the same coin, the underrepresentation of female founders is slowing ecosystems down – even though it is proven that women add great value to a business: 10% more female executives in an organization bring more than 7% of increase in market value. Policy-makers trying to help entrepreneurs often struggle to build the successful support programs, since they lack the right data and insights to adjust their strategies.

Call for Applications: DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator

To solve these challenges, we need more entrepreneurs creating and nurturing functioning ecosystems.

DEEP Ecosystems has pioneered a novel accelerator program for entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders, who are often behind the scenes, guiding the development of innovation hubs for countries, cities, companies, and entrepreneurs. 

DEEPSEA is all about empowering the ecosystem builders

“It is the ecosystem builder who creates the conditions for the growth of unicorns, more quality jobs and the sustainability of our economies and countries, with a more innovative culture,” says Sebastián Díaz, who is Co-Founder and Head of Accelerator at DEEP Ecosystems and had formerly served as Executive Director of Start-Up Chile.

The First Global Accelerator Program for Ecosystems

The DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator unites ecosystem builders and their projects from all over the world through an acceleration process to increase their chances of getting funding and to be implemented.

Participants run through a 6-week program that provides access to the biggest ecosystem builder community of the world, funding opportunities, global visibility of local initiatives, data tools to build strategies, and partners to connect and keep growing. The application process for the next edition is now open at apply.deepecosystems.com. The selected participants will begin its program on 24 January as the Second Batch. After that, participants will join a portfolio of ecosystem projects that promotes financing through investors, governments, cities, and corporations.

Important Dates (updated)
  • Applications open: From 18 October to 17 January 2022 at apply.deepecosystems.com
  • Evaluation: 17-27 January 2022
  • Results announced: 28 January 2022
  • Soft landing: 8 February 2022
  • Acceleration Phase: 15 February – 29 March 2022
  • Demo Day: April-May 2022 TBC
A global community of over 200 changemakers

“More than 200 ecosystem builders went through our programs, more than 400 leaders from more than 30 countries are part of our community, representing networks with hundreds of corporate and government partners,” states Thomas Koesters, Co-Founder and Managing Director of DEEP Ecosystems. 

About DEEP Ecosystems

DEEP empowers startup ecosystems to solve the biggest challenges of our times, because the future of the tech ecosystem is transnational, driven by entrepreneurs and their communities. 

To make that a reality, we grow and connect ecosystems through our DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator (DEEPSEA) with over 200 alumni in 8 editions since 2018. This is one of the biggest ecosystem builder communities in the world that gathers twice a year in our DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference. Both are backed by our data-driven insights on startup ecosystems through our open Startup Heatmap Europe data platform and publications like our annual Startup Heatmap Europe Report.