What You Should Know About Lagos’ Booming Fintech Scene

RegTech Africa, Swisscontact, and DEEP Ecosystems present the results of a joint Ecosystem Health Check on Lagos’ booming fintech startup scene.

Meet the New Cohort of DEEP Ecosystem Builders

The DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference takes place on 18 October 2021 in Essen, Germany. The global DEEP community meets its new cohort of innovation leaders.

How to Support Startups To Go Global

High-growth startups and internationalization go hand-in-hand.
Our White Paper provides data-driven expert recommendations on Scaling Startups Globally.

We Work From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a rise of remote work in the European startup ecosystem. We rank the cities with the highest demand of remote jobs.

The most International Startup Accelerators in Europe

One key success factor for accelerators is their ability to aggregate the best entrepreneurial talent and ideas from a larger region, especially in Europe, where metropolitan areas are small and local talent pools limited. Therefore, we look at how international accelerators in Europe are and from where they are able to attract participants.

STARTUP MIGRANTS: Why Founders move to startup

What factors do founders consider when choosing to locate their companies? In the 2018 Startup Heatmap Europe Survey 28% of founders were foreign-born. But there is many reasons for people to change location: personal motives (22%), studies (18%), work (31%) – but curiously, also a large portion of this population, nearly a third, responded that

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The Rise of the Interconnected Startup

When UIPath hit the news in March 2018 with a $1bn valuation it was quickly dubbed Romania’s first unicorn – Even though, the company was by then already headquartered in New York. In Portugal, Farfetch is praised as a Portuguese unicorn – however, a short check on your investment database of choice tells you it

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10 reasons to study startup mobility in Europe

For the third consecutive year, we are mapping founders’ favorite startup hubs in Europe. With our fingertips on the pulse of the ecosystem, we enable founders, community-builders, investors, leaders in the corporate world and everyone else involved in shaping the startup scene to better understand where entrepreneurs are moving, and why. Download our latest reports

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Where are EU founders moving to?

Overall, the key reasons for founders to move somewhere to establish a business are access to talent (a score of 4.20 out of 5), followed by ease of doing business (3.85) and access to capital (3.69).   Overall, roughly half (48%) of founders moved to another city to start a business, with 21% moving to a

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Is the grass always greener on the other side?

When we first think about the words “startup hub”, our initial thought is probably the image of the space between San Francisco and Oakland populated by the thousands of startup companies that comprise Silicon Valley. Europe lacks a similar density of startups, however, many European entrepreneurs choose to move away from their cities, countries or

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