From Farm to Fork — Revolutionizing Food Systems

The agrifood sector is transforming and moving towards more sustainability. We provide data and expert recommendations to strengthen the agrifood ecosystem.

Fostering Business Angels for Better Startup Ecosystems

Business Angels are crucial for startup ecosystems, yet face difficult times. This White Paper provides data and expert recommendations to foster their role.

New Audiences for the Cultural and Creative Sector

COVID-19 is a game-changer for the Cultural & Creative Industries. Our Strategy White Paper provides data and expert recommendations to foster innovation.

How to Support Startups To Go Global

High-growth startups and internationalization go hand-in-hand.
Our White Paper provides data-driven expert recommendations on Scaling Startups Globally.

It’s an Uphill Battle for Female Founders in Europe

Although a lot of progress has been made in female entrepreneurship in recent years, a lot remains to be done. Our White Paper on female entrepreneurship provides some insight on the discrepancies between female and male founders and what can be done to support female entrepreneurship.