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Monitor the growth of startup ecosystems, accelerators and conferences in Europe and identify trends and stakeholders to follow.

Ecosystem Building Seminars

Join the ecosystem builders' tribe and brush up your skills, while you build deep connections with international peers and open up new professional opportunities.

Connect & Grow

Work with us to connect with ecosystems around Europe, grow your network and identify new avenues for investment and growth.

Leading Ecosystems

London: 37%

Berlin: 34%

Barcelona: 18%

Paris: 15%

Amsterdam: 15%

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Trending Cologne
Slowing London

What we do:

Interactive Platform on Ecosystems

Find everything you need to know about the leading European startup ecosystems in one spot. Besides the Heatmap data, we invite 3rd parties and local players to add theirs as nothing beats local knowledge when it comes to ecosystem dynamics.

Report: Startup City Brands & Highways

With our most recent report “Startup City Brands & Highways” we take a deep look into the transnational startup networks criss-crossing the continent. It includes also the most comprehensive brand ranking of cities, accelerators and conferences!

Learn To Build Ecosystems

With the Startup Ecosystem Accelerator and Curriculum we have created a unique way of peer learning with top experts and coaches. Join our international programs to boost your ecosystem knowledge and specific skills like Venture Capital or Data Analytics.

Explore New Ecosystems & Invest

With our Ecosystem Intelligence Tools we help cities to benchmark, investors to find trustworthy partners and corporates to source the best collaborators Europe-wide.

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