Everything you Need to Know about Startup Exits in Europe 2021

2021 has seen the highest number of venture exits since 2017 in Europe. The total exit transaction value surpassed 421bn € at the time of the DEEP Ecosystems Conference in October. During the conference we came together with experts from startup hubs all around Europe and even beyond to discuss what the effects of exits on the ecosystem could be and how we can ensure the positive re-percussions we hope for are actually achieved.

Publication: DEEP Conference Essen 2021

The 2nd DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference took place in Essen, Germany, on 18th October 2021. The event was held at the Impact Hub Ruhr and convened ecosystem leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers and investors from across Europe and beyond. The common goal was to foster discussion and strengthen connections between startup ecosystem counterparts and create a virtual think tank for a deep analysis on the most pressing challenges that startup ecosystems face today.

Startup Research Roundup

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Startup Research Roundup January 2019

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