Exciting Springtime Ahead in Latvia (sponsored)

Magnetic Latvia joins the Startup Heatmap Europe network to improve the monitoring of their startup brand visibility in Europe and showcase their progress to the public.

Release Startup Heatmap Europe 2019

The Startup Heatmap Europe launches the most comprehensive study on the development of startup ecosystems and founder mobility in Europe to date. The analysis spans >100 startup cities in Europe, dozens of data points on ecosystem dynamics, like meetups and accelerators as well as a survey of >1,500 founders.

The most International Startup Accelerators in Europe

One key success factor for accelerators is their ability to aggregate the best entrepreneurial talent and ideas from a larger region, especially in Europe, where metropolitan areas are small and local talent pools limited. Therefore, we look at how international accelerators in Europe are and from where they are able to attract participants.

Startup Ecosystem Accelerator

LEVEL-UP YOUR STARTUP ECOSYSTEM JOIN THE WORLD’S 1st STARTUP ECOSYSTEM ACCELERATOR “We learned that we’re not alone in this and could help each other a lot on this crazy journey.” Liisi Org Startup Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia What to expect:  3-week online program & 2-day seminar Master Ecosystem Know-HowLearn proven concepts and relevant metrics for ecosystem

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Where are Europe’s most successful Seed Investors investing?

European early-stage funding has increased dramatically over the course of the past years. Atomico and Dealroom gave a very interesting perspective on the drivers of this growth in their report: “The Journey to Series A in Europe. Fundraising benchmarks for founders of early-stage companies”. They conclude that today we have about 4 times the seed

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Top 20 Startup Cities by Investments

How much investments were raised in the top 20 startup hubs in Europe? We had a look at dealroom data for 2018 to identify which hubs were getting the most funds and how their funding situation is developing over time.

Startup City Accelerator for Ecosystem Builders

The first edition of the Startup City Accelerator brought together 15 ecosystem builders from all over Europe and even Korea – check the report and register for the upcoming edition!

Startup Research Roundup January 2019

There is abundant research on startups, so it is difficult to keep an overview. We provide you with monthly roundups about the most important reports coming out helping you to keep track and hopefully also help researchers to better align and advance their work.

Despite Brexit: Europe’s startup hubs are failing to connect

After 25 years of existence, political and cultural fragmentations have prevented Europe from successfully achieving it’s ambitions for forming a single market. Despite this challenge, entrepreneurs have risen to the occasion to grow global companies. In recent articles, we have shown that Europe’s most popular startup hubs Berlin and London are truly transnational with over

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We are hiring: Project Manager Startup Heatmap Europe

European Startup Initiative is searching for a Freelance Project Manager (m/f) The European Startup Initiative is an entrepreneur led non-profit organization, dedicated to fostering interconnectivity among startup ecosystems in Europe and potentially globally. With our main activity, the Startup Heatmap Europe, we are mapping founder mobility and cities’ attractiveness for startups. Through the Startup Heatmap

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